Claws functions as external legal counsel, helping companies navigate rules and regulations. It does so by providing insight into legal frameworks and by drafting and reviewing contracts. Claws is currently the go-to expert for a range of companies dealing with legal-strategic matters, representing their interests in negotiations and in resolving conflicts.


Claws is specialized in corporate law, contract law and employment law.


Companies can turn to Claws with, for example, the following questions:


  • What should I think about when entering into a new collaboration? 
  • How do I solidify agreements?
  • How does a new law effect my company?
  • What are the options to terminate a collaboration?


Claws works with a fixed hourly rate. For substantial commissions or those extending over a longer period of time, Claws offers the opportunity of bespoke hourly rates. Please feel welcome to reach out and discuss possibilities!

Claws legal advice services are offered at a fixed hourly rate of 175 exl VAT (21%). Claws does not charge office expenses.

All services of Claws are subject to the terms and conditions as specified by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 52695859, and which can be found at the bottom of this page.

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