Legal sparring partner with creative solutions

Good working relationships are essential for every company. Examples of these working relationships are collaborations with other companies, suppliers, distributors, customers, or internal collaborations between managers, shareholders and employees.


Claws assists and advises companies in drafting, amending and terminating these collaborations. Claws can operate as strategic advisor during negotiations, as a legal advisor when mapping out legal risks, as well as a trained neutral third party, assisting disputing parties in resolving conflict.

Legal sparring partner with creative solutions

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The outbreak of the Coronavirus and the measures taken by various governments to prevent its further spread have numerous implications for businesses. Business interruptions, problems with timely deli...

The Dutch government came up with several support measures to mitigate the consequences of the measurements taken by the government to control the spread of the coronavirus. One of them is Temporary E...

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the measures taken by the government to control its spread have far-reaching consequences for organizations and companies. The need for solid written agreements wit...

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