Claws was founded in 2012 as a (legal) consultancy for companies. Claws started out with a focus on legal counseling and since 2017 has incorporated sections with a substantial overlap: conflict management and resolution services.


Claws enjoys working with its clients over an extended period of time – the better Claws knows the customer, the better our services! Clients appreciate our precise, pragmatic and purposeful approach.

Claws has worked with over 250 companies of various sizes and in a wide range of sectors. Claws often works with international customers and companies doing business outside of the Netherlands.


Claws collaborates with a large network of numerous specialists and has offices in Amsterdam and Groningen. Claws especially enjoys visiting its clients, which are located all across the Netherlands as well as abroad.


About the Founder

Charlotte Schilt started Claws in 2012. After completing her BA and MA International and European Law at the University of Groningen, adding to her resume a number of international experiences, she co-owned a legal start-up before starting her own business. Since 2017, Charlotte Schilt is a registered MfN and ADR Mediator.

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